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May 09, 2005, 02:14:47 AM
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Please excuse a newbie, I get quite tied up with tables :?
I've been playing with the ognen12 template. If I put a list of links on the lefthand side straight under the dotted line graphic, I have trouble with the main table when I put a lot of text in it. The links get "dragged" further down the page too. Can this be fixed somehow.Thanks in advance.

May 09, 2005, 06:53:04 AM
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If you need to put a lot of text in the template main table it is very important to add vertical alignment "top" for all tables’ cells or rows. This will keep all the pieces (slices) of pictures together and will align the text.
<td valign="top"> <img src="images/top1.jpg" width="770" height="99" alt="" /></td>

"valign" specifies the vertical alignment of the contents of a cell, row, or column. You have to align the contents (images) to the top to prevent layout rip.

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Table Trouble
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