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November 21, 2004, 06:55:03 PM
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Hi, i customised the buttons on the sphere template (its great, thanks!) and exported it using imageready...

But im having problems using frames.  Im in frontpage trying to figure out what to do... Im sure there must be an easy-ish way to do this, but i cant find it!

The buttons on the left will load a page into the whole window, but i cant seem to make the page into a framed page.

Thanks for the template, any help will be greately appreciated!

November 22, 2004, 12:55:46 PM
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After you create a frames page by using one of the frames page templates in FrontPage.
On frames pages, the target frames  (target frame is the name of a frame in which the target page of a hyperlink is displayed. Typically, a hyperlink from one frame of a frames page (or frameset) will supply as its target frame another frame of the frames page.)are already set up for you.
You can change the default target frame: Select the text or picture(buttons) that you are using as a hyperlink, and then click Insert Hyperlink .
In the Edit Hyperlink dialog box, click Target Frame. In the Target Frame dialog box, the Current frames page area shows a map of your frames page. Click in the frame you would like to set as the target frame.

That's it.

You also can use inline frame (Insert > InlineFrame). Inline frames are similar to frames pages except that this frame and its contents are embedded on an existing web page. Inline frames can also be customized in the same ways as regular frames. One of the advantages of using inline frames is that you don't need to create a separate frames page in order to have embedded content.

Good luck!


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