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June 30, 2004, 11:48:03 AM
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Ok, well ive downloaded the template, unzipped it, edited it with photoshop and i have it exactly how i want it. How do i go about actually putting it on a webpage. I have a good knowledge of html, and i can work with javascript, but ive never used anything like this before. I tried to read a previous post where some one tried to explain how to do it, but i got soo lost. Any clear instructions would be greatly appreciated!!

July 01, 2004, 02:29:58 AM
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You have to use Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Image Ready to edit the psd file!  Adobe Image Ready is a companion program to Photoshop which allows for optimizing images for delivery on the web.

- Open the .psd file in Adobe Photoshop (v.5.5 and above).
- Do all the changes you need!
- Save your image, then in Photoshop's File menu select Jump To Image Ready (Shift+Ctrl+M). Your image will now open in the Image Ready window, which is quite similar to Photoshop's interface.
- Then select Save Optimized As... Select HTML and Images (from "save as type" menu) to generate all files required to use the artwork as a Web page. This includes an HTML file and separate image files for the slices in the artwork (to view the slices in Photoshop: View > Show > Slices). The HTML file includes code for any links, image maps, and other effects in the document.  When you save the image as a Web page, Image Ready adds JavaScript code to the resulting HTML file to specify rollover states.

Good luck!


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Use Image Ready to export the layout into web page!
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