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Title: Nice³
Post by: dany on May 25, 2003, 02:13:29 AM
Just to tell you that I love your templates.
At the beginning I found it difficult to manipulate the designs, adjusting them with an other name and logo. Until I purchased Photoshop....and then...no problems, unless the fact that Photoshop desides itself where to slice the image...
My solution was to save the image of the page as .JPG, open Paint Shop and slice it in my own way...
Yep I know, a little detour but this way I avoid the automatic conversions to text that Photoshop sometimes generates.
Would like to buy a free templates is this possible?

Title: Nice³
Post by: ognen on May 25, 2003, 08:22:06 AM
Hi dany,
I'm glad that you love our templates  :D .
If you'd like to buy a free templates and to remove the "Designed by Ossoba Studio"  link/reference, you can purchase this option here (http://www.shareit.com/product.html?productid=182487&languageid=1¤cies=USD) for $10. This will give you rights to not display any indicator of Ossoba Studio on your site.
Title: Nice³
Post by: dany on May 26, 2003, 11:59:18 AM
Hello chief Ognen,

Personally I love the 3D template, and I would like to purchase this one.
I have downloaded it, an I have tried to adapt the buttons for my website, but, but, but.....

I am a rookie....and found it difficult to change the text on the different buttons ( I am Dutch speeking). Finding the layers is no problem, but apparently the text layers are "images", not text.
More problems occur, when saving the template for the web...the image is fine but the nice color-changing-buttons-with-javascipt don't work.....scratch scratch scratch...in the little hair I still have, will I have to surrender? My computer sometimes does..with his 64MB...he (or she??) sometimes refuses to accept commands..(did'nt know that NT stood for Not Today)..gggggrrrrrr...(must write al letter to Bill Gates one of these days).

However if you need help with translating your templates into Dutch or French, please let me know, I will be happy to help you..the help must not always come from one site...

Sincere greetings,

(sorry if I made some mistakes using English)
Title: Nice³
Post by: ognen on May 27, 2003, 04:43:52 AM
First of all thanks for the translating offer  :). For now we are not planning to set different than english language to our templates.

Actually the Photoshop is not very easy program and require more powerful machine...
About editing of the template "3D".
Some objects in the "3D" template are made in other than Photoshop program, so actually the button's text is an image. You must delete existing button's text layers and type your text in new text layer. Also you can export slices with Photoshop, but you can’t generate necessary java script for the rollover effects in the html page. You will need to do that with Image Ready- a part of the Photoshop.
However don't worry  :wink: . I just make some update of the same template, so you can download (http://ossoba.com/templates/free/ognen13.zip) it again.
1. The button's text is a text not image.
2. You have all necessary slices in the .psd file
3. All java script (generated by Image Ready) and hover state images are in the same .psd file (Must export through Image Ready).
Let me know is everything OK.
Good luck!