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Thank you for downloading one of our free templates.

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For this template to work all the images must be in a folder named 'images', which resides in the folder of the main .html file. The folder exists in the ZIP file that you downloaded so if you just unzip it all the images should display correctly.

You can I modify template to suit your particular website. We supply .psd file(s) in a layered image where you can edit the layout.

You can easily add, remove or change the buttons by simple edit the java script file "menu.js".

You can control color, font and position of the text in the buttons through CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) file. This file is external, so when you change the text color this will affect every page that is linked to this CSS file.

You can use any main HTML editor (such as Dreamweaver MX, Front Page or even Notepad) to edit .html file(s).

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