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Hi i have downloaded and edited the template saved it and all but not sure how to upload it. i have edited it with photoshop and wondered what i had to save it as so i can then upload it and it will work

Photoshop provides tools for creating and manipulating static images for use on the Web. You can divide an image into slices, add links and HTML text optimize the slices, and save the image as a Web page. The template layout is already sliced, so you just need to save the image for use as a Web page. When you save the image for use as a Web page, you must choose to generate an HTML file (select File >Save for Web... Select HTML and Images (from "save as type" menu) to generate all files required to use the artwork as a Web page). Photoshop generate an HTML file and separate image files for the slices in the artwork. This file contains information that tells a Web browser what to display when it loads the page.
Upload all the generated files (HTML and all slices) to your hosting space.

Good luck!


Thanks for that mate. But i have 1 more problem how do i insert a scroller to scroll down a sertain section on my webpage? Please Help


You have to use <iframe> tag to include external web page into main html file. Open the generated by Photoshop html file and insert the code below in the section where you would like do display the content.
Add the tag into the BODY of your HTML document:

<iframe src="page.html" width="300" height="400"scrolling="auto"></iframe>

page.html – this is the page with your content that will be displayed in the section.
width – width of the frame in pixels.
height – height of the frame in pixels.
scrolling – By default, browsers add vertical and/or horizontal scrollbars when the content loaded into an inline frame exceeds the visible content region of the element, so you can set the scrolling attribute to “auto”.   If you want scrollbars to be in the frame at all times, set the scrolling attribute to “yes”. If you want to prevent scrollbars from appearing in the frame, set the attribute to “no”.
You may also use the CSS overflow style attribute: style="overflow:auto"

Good luck!


i dont understand what u mean by open it and put that in, im kinda new to it :P


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