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Great Site but i feel i need to put a link back!!


:lol:  hi all!! I am a student (aged 14) and i am wondering if i could put a link on the graphics area of my school project in Ict! I am making a website. I do not want to put it at the front as it doesn't go with my plans! I will be showing the website to my class and teacher so the link will be seen!! Do i have to put a link back at the front of my website!! Or can i put it ssomewhere else on my webpsite ('Graphics' to be exact)!!
because i want to show some thx to this site!! :wink:

Under the template i want it shows this

Note: The templates are free to use on any web site. They may not be reproduced or offered to the public anywhere without the permition of Ossoba Studio.

If you'd like to remove the "Designed by Ossoba Studio" link/reference, you can purchase this option for $10. This will give you rights to not display any indicator of Ossoba Studio on your site. The one-time purchase is valid only for one template.

What does it mean by (the underlined)

Thank you for using our template!  :)

Sure, for non commercial project, (as is in your case) you can put back link anywhere in your website.

About the note. For representing of our free templates, we require clear contact with any of our partners and to know how and where the templates are presented. We don't allow our templates to be offer on websites dealing with any illegal contents.


thx and one more question!! Once i download it into a zip file! can it be used on Microsoft Frontapge and if yes how do i put it there! :roll:

To open the template in Microsoft Frontapge please follow the instructions below:
On the File menu, click Open Web, and then in the Open Web dialog box, use the Look In box to find the local folder where you extract the archive (zip) containing the template (index.html) page. Once you open the template as a web site in Front Page, you can modify all the contain and to add new pages.

Good luck!



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